hope: grounds for believing that good, positive change may happen.

"You cannot heal what you refuse to confront."

Vital Connections offers 1:1 Coaching and various group options to empower participants to develop healthy interpersonal dynamics. 


Marriage Strong

is a nine week program helping couples understand their own issues in dealing with conflict, boundaries, and personality differences. The program is designed to guard against unrealistic expectations, and feelings of inadequacy and loneliness that often exist in marriages.

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Healthy Relationship Skills Group

is a 12 Step process to grow emotionally healthy in relationships with others. People come seeking understanding and hope. These groups help us look within and begin to provide ways out of destructive behaviors. We have an opportunity to begin our own recovery from the effects of addictive or abusive behaviors. We journey together toward improving our behaviors and finding serenity. These groups deal with boundaries, codependency, addictive thinking patterns, and finding the courage to change.

Vital connections offers event planning to coordinate your next retreat so you and your group can come participate with a focused, fresh mind. Contact me for more information.



is designed to help individuals come to understand their strengths and relationship styles in the context of a small group experience. The program concentrates on teaching how to build love and trust in a healthy and engaging way. Participants learn how to understand their own conflict styles, unlearning destructive patterns while incorporating life-giving actions instead. Group participants learn to embrace their own personality styles as they connect to others in their social circles.

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Personal Coaching

is a process wherein the Coach helps individuals identify areas of relational conflict and personal struggles. By listening, questioning and clarifying, the coach empowers the client to process new relationship skills. Healing of damages emotions will impact and support the family system. Understanding conflict styles, personal strengths and weaknesses allows for emotional, spiritual or physical growth.

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