Kaye Schneider

Owner of lydia company and founder of

vital connections

During a difficult transitional period in her life, Kaye discovered her “role model.”  Lydia: a professional business woman, city girl, homeowner with enough room for a host of people; a professional life balanced with priorities of a spiritual life; available to God and others.


Lydia Company provides Vital Connections for individuals and families.

Do you need Hope? Seeking Health options? Ready for Hospitality island style?

Lydia Company’s goal is to Connect you to Vital options.

Kaye McCormick Schneider is a nationally certified Marriage & Family Life professional and founder of Vital Connections.  She is passionate about preventative and restorative education.  Life experiences, formal training, communication skills and “heart” prepared her to empower families and individuals who encounter difficult relationships or addictive issues.  As an educator, facilitator and seminar leader, Kaye offers tools for implementing healthy life skills. 

Lydia Company holds ongoing groups for relationship skills, offers personalized health and parent/family coaching and facilitates educational events.

You can find Kaye's personal story and recent publication, "Parenting Addicted Children: A Group Study guide for Parents" at The National Association for Christian Recovery and the Fuller Institute for Recovery Ministry. 

For more information and fees, contact Lydia Company at 619-818-5215 or email to Kaye@lydiacompany.com.

We look forward to how we might best assist you in finding Hope for your Healthy Life choices.  


Kaye Schneider, MATM, MAFS, CFLE


Master of Arts in Theology and Recovery and
Master of Arts in Family Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary  
Bachelor of Science Degree at Northern Arizona University


Family Wellness Instructor and Family Life Educator, 
Member of the National Council on Family Relations
Marriage Strong and Relate Strong Facilitator, Pepperdine
Member of Family Life Coaching Association